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Certified public accountants (CPAs) are licensed accountants who have earned professional credentials. In a company or industrial setting, a CPA will assure accuracy and punctuality in following the monthly sequence of events/reporting. Transactions, journal entries, posting, trial balance, worksheets, modifying journal entries, production of financial statements, and closing the books for the month are the eight steps in the monthly accounting cycle.CPA preparing documents in Duluth

CPAs can prepare financial statements that have been audited, such as a balance sheet or income statement. CPA can give an opinion on financial statements that have been audited, examined, or prepared. The existence of a CPA license is required to provide attest services. CPAs analyze the work, represent you in a tax audit, and assist you in making higher-level business and tax decisions. Companies that sell their stock on the stock market are required to provide audited financial statements so that investors can assess the stock’s value. Smaller businesses that do not sell a stock may be able to get by with an accountant who isn’t a CPA. In addition to generating and evaluating financial statements, CPAs are responsible for preparing tax returns for corporations and individuals, signing tax returns, and representing taxpayers before the IRS for audits and other problems.

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